Hurry Up

Released October 2007. This seven song EP was recorded at Marcata Recordings in New Paltz, NY and NY HED Studios in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

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Credits 'n stuff

The Bosch:
Matthew Harrison- guitar, vox
Andrew Raff- tenor sax, keys, vox
Holt Richardson- drums, vox
Valerie Sauve- bass, vox

Additional musicians
"Back to Reality" - The Porn Horns (Will Hoffman - trumpet, Matt Kelly- alto sax, Scott Zillitto - bari sax)
"Brooklyn Cars" - Nella Liuzzi - hand claps

Produced by Duane Lundy & The Bosch

Engineered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Recording, New Paltz, NY
Matt Verta-Ray at NY HED Studios, New York, NY

Mixed by Duane Lundy at Shangri-La Studios

Album Design: Pop Vulture, Austin, TX

Band Photo: Brett Beyer

"This Town" & "1776" - Music: Harrison/Richardson, Lyrics: Harrison
"Worst Thing," "Paperback" & "Back to Reality" - Harrison
"Counting" - Harrison/Raff/Richardson
"Brooklyn Cars" - Music: Raff/Harrison/Richardson/Sauve, Lyrics: Raff

All songs published by How's Annie Music (ASCAP)
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